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MCC Communications


Montcalm Community College’s communications team is part of the college’s President’s and Advancement Offices. Our department is responsible for planning and managing a variety of activities to support the college’s strategic plan initiatives including brand development and management, internal and external communications, graphic design, publications, media, digital communications, social media, signs, fundraising, MCCF scholarships, special events and more.


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What we do


Our marketing, public relations and digital strategy team takes an integrated approach to increasing visibility and building brand reputation for MCC. From internal promotional pieces and signage to paid advertising and brand campaigns, we help MCC pursue the strategies, products and tools to deliver the MCC story to our various audiences.


Our media and public information team serves as the public voice of the college. We have primary responsibility for institutional interactions with the media, and we help establish MCC’s communication and public information priorities, processes and procedures.


The MCC Foundation assists the college in its mission of creating a learning community by providing academic scholarships to MCC students, funding institutional grants for education projects and supporting building projects.


Our entire team partners across the college to achieve a strategic communications approach for MCC that is coherent, collaborative and accountable. Through committees, work groups, and one-on-one interactions, we work to establish and support shared goals, strategies and initiatives to support the college’s strategic plan and achieve desired outcomes.

Who we are

Lisa Lund

Executive Director for Institutional Advancement & MCC Foundation

(989) 328-1284


Lisa Herald

Executive Assistant - President's Office

(989) 328-1210


Shelly Springborn

Communications Director

(989) 328-1243

Kurt Kemperman

Creative Director

(989) 328-1251


Josiah Crater-Morgan

Graphic Design Assistant



Rogena Brinks

Digital Communications Specialist


Resources for your use


In addition to some resources that are ready for your use, MCC’s Communications team will work with you to customize presentations and various promotional pieces.


  • MCC promotional PowerPoint
  • MCC promotional brochure - Professionally printed copies of this brochure are available upon request in the Communications Office.

Brand and Identity


Media Communications


Communications Department