Monday, June 6, 2022

MCC offers summer camps for youths 2022

Montcalm Community College offers 31 summer camps this year for students in first grade through high school.  

Topics include flipbook animation, drones, art, welding, legos, fishing, music and more. 

This year’s Science Camp will be a multi-day camp June 13 through 16 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Each day will focus on a different aspect of the science field, biology, chemistry, physical science and agriculture. Campers will spend time outdoors studying nature, learning about farm animals and nutrition, creating chemical concoctions and doing some physics. 

One of the camp instructors, Sara Rittersdorf, is especially excited to get younger students interested in chemistry.  

“Usually when students think of chemistry, they envision a mad scientist with bubbling concoctions and various unique equipment riddled with symbols and notation using the periodic table. However, chemistry is so much more! It is understanding the basic building blocks of life. It is realizing why the ratios in a recipe are vital to a successful dessert, why salt is used on the roads in the winter and understanding that a solid foundation in chemistry can open so many doors for future engineers, doctors, forensic scientists, and so many other careers.” 

Rittersdorf will be exploring the basics of chemistry with campers through fun experiments and of course, “a little bit of slime making,” she said.  

Dr. Michelle Gibson will be giving campers a lesson on animal nutrition during agriculture day. Part of the day’s activities will involve making homemade animal treats, the scientific method, and of course, trying the treats out on pets! 

For campers who enjoy the great outdoors, Heather Wesp’s biology lesson will be a hit. Wesp will guide campers through the nature trails to observe and learn about the amazing diversity of life around us, especially during the summer months in Michigan.  

Student will have an opportunity to catch, observe, and release organisms of all sizes from one cell big to turtles and salamanders,” Wesp explained.  

Summer camp scholarships are available for families experiencing financial hardship. The scholarship will pay 50% of the cost of up to three camps per child, per year and there is no limit on the number of children per family. Scholarship funds are provided by the Montcalm Community College Foundation. 


Other summer camps for youths include: 

Science Camp: 3rd through 6th-graders, June 13-16, Sidney campus 

Welding Camp – Middle School: 6th through 9th-graders, June 14-16, June 21-23 and June 28- 30, Greenville campus 

Health Careers Camp: 8th through 12-graders, June 19-20, Sidney campus 

The Brick Show: 4th through 8th-graders, June 22-23, Sidney campus 

Design & 3D Printing Camp: 5th through 7th-graders, June 27-28, Greenville campus 

Dragon & Unicorn Art Camp: 1st through 2nd-graders, June 29, Greenville campus 

K'NEX® Exploring Machines Camp: 5th through 9th-graders, June 29, Greenville campus. 

Cielito Lindo Camp (culture of Mexico): 3rd through 6th-graders, June 30, Greenville campus 

LEGO®  Pull Back Frenzy Camp: 1st through 3rd-graders, July 5, Greenville campus 

LEGO®  Space Challenge Camp: 6th through 8th-graders, July 5-6, Greenville campus. 

MCC Pirate Island Art Camp: 1st through 2nd-graders, July 6, Greenville campus 

K'NEX® Forces, Energy and Motion Camp: 6th through 8th-graders, July 7, Greenville campus 

Flipbook Animators Fine Art Camp: 3rd through 8th-graders, July 11, Greenville campus 

Jam Music Fine Arts Camp: 3rd through 8th-graders, July 12, Greenville campus 

Dinner Theater Fine Arts Camp: 3rd through 8th-graders, July 13, Greenville campus 

Fishing Camp: 5th through 9th-graders, July 13-14, Sidney campus and Townline Lake in Lakeview. 

Puppet Fine Arts Camp: 3rd through 8th-graders,  July 14, Greenville campus 

Art is Everywhere Camp: 2nd through 5th-graders, July 18, Greenville campus 

Discover Drones – Middle School: 6th through 8th-graders, July 18, Greenville campus 

Discover Drones – Elementary School: 1st through 5th-graders, July 19, Greenville campus 

K'NEX® Robotics Building System: 6th through 10th-graders, July 19-20, Greenville campus 

LEGO® WeDo2.0 Maker: 3rd through 5th-graders, July 21, Greenville campus 

Taking the Next Adventure into 3D Printing and CAD Camp: 5th through 10th-graders, July 25-26, Greenville campus 

K’NEX® Introduction to Simple Machines – Pulleys and Levers: 2nd through 4th-graders, July 25, Greenville campus 

K’NEX® Introduction to Simple Machines – Gears: 2nd through 4th-graders, July 26, Greenville campus 

LEGO® Simple Machines Maker: 3rd through 5th-graders, July 27-28, Greenville campus 

LEGO® Engineering Lab: 6th through 8th-graders, July 27-28, Greenville campus 

Montcalm County Youth Law Enforcement Camp: 6th through 8th-graders, Aug. 1-4, Sidney campus 


Questions? Contact MCC’s Greenville campus at or 989-328-1012.