Vet tech with dog

Pre-Animal Health Technology Certificate

Where To Go From Here

The Pre-Animal Health Technology Certificate, Transfer Program is designed for students who want to transfer into Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology program.

Why This Degree

Licensed veterinary technicians are integral members of the veterinary health care team who have been educated in the care and handling of animals, the basic principles of normal and abnormal life processes, and in routine laboratory and clinical procedures. Veterinary technicians work under the supervision of a veterinarian and are able to perform a wide variety of procedures, however they are not able to diagnose, perform surgery or prescribe. Veterinary technicians and technologists have a wide array of employment opportunities upon graduation. They may go into private practice, teaching, research, regulatory medicine, public health, zoo medicine, humane society work and many other veterinary- and animal-related positions. Salaries for veterinary technicians and technologists vary depending on the degree earned, experience, responsibility, geographic location and employment type. However, the average salaries reported by MSU Veterinary Technology graduates range from $12 to $18 per hour.