Business meeting

Business Administration Professional Track Associate Degree 

(Leading to B.S. at Ferris State University)

Where to Go From Here


This program provides a degree completion program in Business Administration for students who have prior coursework containing a professional or occupational emphasis (i.e. Accounting, Digital Arts, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, and many others). The program features a tight sequence of major courses; however, the program also provides the flexibility to specialize in an area of interest for the student. Students should meet with counselors/advisors from both MCC and Ferris State University to ensure they are taking only required courses.

Why This Degree

Students who earn an associate of applied science degree will be prepared for the rapidly changing nature of the work environment in business, government and other nonprofit organizations.  This degree provides the foundation for increased opportunities and job advancement.  A typical career in this field could be a human resource manager earning $63,140 to $193,550 per year, or a public relations specialist earning $37,690 to $59,300 per year.