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Engineering Technology Associate Degree

Where To Go From Here

Graduates of this program have a well-rounded background preparing them for work in engineering technology. This program offers many hours of practical experience to complement the theory and may be transferable to a four-year university for a degree in engineering technology. Students interested in transferring to a four-year institution are encouraged to consult an MCC counselor or academic advisor.

Why This Degree

Students who earn an associate of applied science degree will have the knowledge to assist engineers and scientists in research and development. Technicians will have the opportunity to learn skills, and work in the same disciplines as engineers. This degree will lay the foundation for continued study at the bachelor's degree level landing a career as an electrical and electronic engineering technician earning up to $62,190 per year. These agreements define a method for transferring credits and coursework to another institution while completing up to three years of study at MCC. This program articulates to Ferris State University.