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Landscape Management Associate Degree

Where To Go From Here

MCC offers this program in cooperation with the Michigan State University Institute of Agricultural Technology (MSU IAT). This program is best for students who want to gain immediate employment in the industry, or improve credentials for professional development.  The MSU certificate is widely recognized by professionals in the landscape, turf grass and nursery industries, and there is great demand for graduates of this program. Of the credits required for certification, the majority are delivered by MCC and the remainder are delivered by MSU. It is possible for a student to complete this program and transfer to a four-year agricultural degree program at MSU. All MSU courses will be offered on MCC’s campus or online.

Why This Degree

This program allows students to combine horticulture courses with business courses to earn an MSU certificate. It provides a focused curriculum in the plant sciences area, along with a business emphasis. Potential careers include landscape design, maintenance and/or construction; nursery manager; nursery production; retail/wholesale garden center; and irrigation installation, design and/or maintenance. Salaries range from $22,000 to more than $63,480 per year depending on the degree level attained, area of employment and level of experience.