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Achieve Your Dreams


The Achieve Your Dreams program at Montcalm Community College helps students identify their dreams and plan the steps necessary to achieve them. 



Achieve Your Dreams Book Program


MCC's Achieve Your Dreams Book can help you define and plan your dreams. Your dreams can include anything from owning a dog or earning a degree, to owning a business or winning a Nobel Prize. The first step is to decide what you want out of life and write down both short term and long term goals. Using one page per dream, use the rest of the page to write down the steps you will take to achieve it. Start small (for example - getting an A on a test this week by studying 20 minutes each day) and then move up. If you don't know where to start, ask an instructor or counselor for assistance. 


Stamps are available at MCC Sidney and Greenville Campuses. There are many opportunities to receive stamps. May we suggest...


  • Computer Lab
    • Work on an online assignment
    • Work on a project
  • IT Help Desk
    • Password assistance
    • Explore apps
  • Library
    • Checkout materials
    • Use library resources
    • Study time in the library
    • Rooted in Reading
  • Student Services
    • Meet with a tutor
    • Testing
    • Review your academic plans or credits


  • Writing Center
    • Meet with a consultant
    • Attend a workshop
  • Select MCC Events
    • MCC Reads
    • Nature Trails
    • Ash Lecture Series
    • Club Day
    • NAP (Night Against Procrastination)
  • Recreation Desk
    • Use the gym, fitness center or pool
  • President's Office
    • Meet MCC President Stacy H. Young, Ph.D.





Each stamp enters you into a drawing at the end of the semester!

1 dream stamp = 1 drawing ticket

Learn more about the Achieve Your Dreams program:

Essay Contest 2023 Winners


Winner - Sandra Dymerski

I am a dreamer of a better world; I love life and enjoy learning from every aspect of life. Every experience fascinates me, embracing each adventure is enriching to me, it is what makes each person who we are. And that is what I would like my kids to learn about.   

My kids are from different countries, they are exposed to another language at home, some of them were exposed to words in Spanish as babies, then they grew up and lost those words as they lost a more important part of them, the person that introduced those words to them. Some of my kids live in a different world at home, a world far away from where I am, with a different language, with busy lives, a world where they must grow up quicker to take care of their siblings, a narrower world with lack of knowledge and many other things. My dream is to open their eyes and their minds so they can be able to view something different for their future lives, to have them imagine their future as if they are in control of it and to be conductors of their destiny, to give those kids the power to take over their own steering wheel and show them the tools to move their vehicle towards the destiny they would love to go.   

My goal is to inspire them to embrace knowledge as if you love working out because you want to be stronger and fit, for your own benefit, to feel better, like when you accomplish something knowing that you became wiser.   

I know them, I am familiar with their experiences, I know where these kids come from, I understand their needs. I have become a positive inspiring influence; I show them that they can be happy wherever they are, they just must open their minds to new knowledge, new experiences, to take every opportunity that come their way, and then they can explore new paths to find the one they would like to follow. I have taught them to try new foods, different music, new options, and eventually to travel, to embrace that we are all one planet, one human race, one mix of colors and flavors, with diverse cultures to learn from and enjoy. I have taught them that our home is not only where our house is, it could be anywhere they end up living, and we must take care of our place wherever it is, it is a beautiful place, and it is each of us responsibility to take care of it.   

Although sometimes I feel like my words go unheard, I trust and believe that most of them found some place in each one of the students that I work with. Some people get scared when I mention that I work with middle school students, for me it is a joy to win their appreciation and love, but most of all it gives me satisfaction when they can solve math problems on their own and do it easily. I love my job as a teacher assistant because I can focus on the individual kids, their individual needs and struggles and can try to help them the best way I can, listening intently to each one of them and inspire them to do things beyond their own imagination and sometimes even their parents' expectations.  


Participant - Emily Throop

Over my years, I have had many goals. Some of them started out just as dreams, and that’s all I saw them as, but others weren’t so large. Many I accomplished, many I’m still working towards, and others I still believe I may see come to life someday. Of those that I have achieved already, they all have one thing in common: the encouragement of others helped me succeed.  

Currently, I am doing my best to encourage others in pursuit of their dreams in order to help them successfully achieve them. Whether big or small, I try to give words of affirmation to those I know that are working towards a goal. For example, I know that a lot of girls that I played softball with in high school look up to me. When I see them, I always ask how they are and be sure to give them a hug. But when they come to me with worry or frustration (about life or their game) I try my best to convince them that they are extraordinary people as well as softball players and that they have my full confidence in them. 

As always, but especially in our technically advanced world, it can be easy to compare yourself to others and become discouraged quickly. Any word of encouragement can help combat the pressures of the world. In the same way that technology has made comparison easier, it has also made encouraging others easier. One positive comment on a social media post makes a world of difference. Have you ever had a long day and you get on Facebook and someone said that they love your new haircut or something similar? Those small but positive interactions can make someone’s day and help them keep pursuing their dreams.  

Personally, I try to keep comments on social media positive but also share posts that are helpful to others. When I share anything on social media, I try to make sure that is positive in nature. In fact, most shares I make are quotes, verses, or stories of encouragement. I want others to feel connected to those who care about them when on social media so that it will carry over into their everyday lives. Specifically, I want it to carry over into their pursuit of their goals, dreams, and make their lives full of joy, experiences, and fulfillment. As I mentioned earlier, many of my softball girls are involved in my social media presence. When I see them post something about their schedule or upcoming games, I wish them luck; when they share a quote that appears they have been thinking about things in a negative light, I make a positive comment; and when I see that they have reached a major accomplishment, I am sure to congratulate them.  

In the future, I would love to be able to encourage others in more ways than just my own voice and ways I use social media. For instance, I would love to someday have the means to donate money towards the many scholarships that are offered at Montcalm Community College or the Central Montcalm Community Foundation. In order to attend MCC this year, I have been awarded several named scholarships. Each and every one brings me encouragement. Not only do they encourage me because they help me afford classes, but it also encourages me to know that someone thought MCC, education, and others in our community (including me) were worthwhile so they donated precious resources to help my dreams come true.  

I think the best way we can help others reach their dreams is by doing whatever is in your means to encourage them. For now, I can use my words in life and online; hopefully, in the future I can use monetary donations or other heftier resources. Either way, I plan to continue trying my hardest to encourage those around me to help them reach their dreams. 


Participant - Amanda Marvin

Everyone dreams whether big or small. Some dreams are easily accomplishable and allow you to continue onto another. While others take time and energy to achieve. I enjoy helping others work towards their dreams and accomplish their goals. I encourage one-on-one conversation with others to give ideas and solutions to help growth and attain steps towards their dreams. Lay out facts and place time for what you need to do to move forward. Research, gather other opinions, and managing your time will help anyone put their pieces together. Helping others to understand that dedication takes hard work but the feeling of accomplishing your goals and moving forward is the reward. Once you’ve achieved your dream it’ll all be worth it. The overwhelming feelings you go through in the process may be hard to handle and feel like giving up but that is only when you need to push through. Trust your gut and follow your intuition. The feeling of success is one of the greatest of all. Once you accomplish your dream anything seems possible. I encourage others to keep dreaming, there are steps that never stop. Everything is possible with hard work and dedication. There is always time, nothing has to be accomplished just yet. Many successful people had not started their goals until later in life, it’s never too late. I like to remind people of this during their climb. There is never a deadline on a dream you want to accomplish, push forward and never give up. It is a great feeling to achieve your desires. Once you reach your dreams you will only dream farther. I always encourage those around me to try for what they want and give advice in any way I can, I only hope people help encourage me during my journey as I do to others. 


Participant - Heather Jackson

One of the dreams I see most on the Dream Tree is that each dreamer would like to obtain the degree that they are working on. I see this as a great dream to have for all college students, and one that is most certainly a goal and dream. For some, this dream could be life changing in terms of financial stability, others may strive to be the first within their family to graduate college, and some may be following in the footsteps of family, and the expectations of prior generations. Regardless of the reasoning behind obtaining any dream, often the support given by a peer remains the same.  

The support I would give a peer to help a dreamer achieve their dream would hold several different attributes that would be used along the journey one would be one. Starting to support my peers, I would ask them what their dream is and what fuels the desire to achieve that dream. Important to obtaining any goal or dream in life is to look at the bigger picture and ensure that one considers the obstacles that could stand between the dreamer and their dream. Getting started where the dreamer is; would be imperative to the growth of the individual. However, talking with the dreamer and getting them involved in a conversation about their dream would make the dream more real to them, ensuring that their dream is visible and as obtainable as they are willing to build the endurance to persevere while growing the confidence needed to obtain their dream.   

Throughout the process of supporting a peer in achieving the dream, a relationship of sorts is built; and that is when one can support the dreamer in deeper, more connected ways. This is where one could give the dreamer space to make their own path and give them the ability to show their own strengths and abilities as a person. Building this relationship and learning about the dreamer's endurance and perseverance to obtain their dream is important as this enables the ability to vocalize the strengths, knowledge, skills, and past experiences that are seen within their daily lives. Knowing these things would help the encourager to praise and acknowledge these exact attributes that are supportive to any dreamer to secure their dream.   

Whenever opportunity arises to acknowledge a dreamer’s ability abilities, journey, and perseverance; make it happen. Share with peers, mentors, instructors, or superiors. Basically, praise any progress you are able, with whomever and whenever you are able. This includes speech, awards, certificates, prizes, and any acknowledgment of such type.   

Once a dream is achieved be sure to congratulate them, inform them of the individuals along the way that they have inspired and may not realize, make sure to celebrate the small victories and the large, keep the momentum of such a relationship connected, as one doesn’t simply achieve one dream in a lifetime, but many and even more so if a dreamer has the strive and support needed to encourage and support along the way. These are the ways I would encourage and inspire my peers to obtain their dreams.   




Dreamin's Free Essay Contest is supported by the MCC Foundation via the Mater Family and the Dream Book program is supported by MCC Student Services.

Michelle Gibson