Dreamin's Free tree located in Smith building on Montcalm Community College's Sidney campus.

Dreamin's Free


“Dreamin’s Free” at MCC helps students identify their dreams and plan the steps necessary to achieve them. A “dream tree” is located on the wall in the upper level hallway in MCC’s Instruction East Building, located on the college’s Sidney campus. 

Dreamin's Free Video Contest


What are your dreams? The best dreams are those that benefit others. Make a video describing your dream and how MCC is helping you achieve it! It can be done as a group, club or individually! Videos should be 2 to 4 minutes in length and will be judged on creativity, inspirational effect (includes MCC) and presentation style. Show us your unique style!


A total of $500 in prize money will be awarded for the best video or videos, as determined by the award committee. The deadline for entries is March 27. Winners will be announced in early April.



Enter video contest

Review contest rules, upload your video file or URL to enter.

Dream Book Program


MCC's Dream Books can help you define and plan your dreams. Your dreams can include anything from owning a dog or earning a degree, to owning a business or winning a Nobel Prize. The first step is to decide what you want out of life and write down both short term and long term goals. Using one page per dream, use the rest of the page to write down the steps you will take to achieve it. Start small (for example - getting an A on a test this week by studying 20 minutes each day) and then move up. If you don't know where to start, ask an instructor or counselor for assistance. 


Collect stamps in your Dream Book for a chance to win prizes. You can receive stamps by visiting and participating in activities at the following locations:

Sidney Campus

  • Computer Lab
  • Computer Help Desk
  • Library
  • Student Services
  • Writing Center
  • Select MCC Events

Greenville Campus

  • Computer Lab
  • Writing Center
  • Select MCC Events



Dreamin's Free Video Contest is supported by the MCC Foundation via the Mater Family and the Dream Book program is supported by MCC Student Services.

Michelle Gibson