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Kristen Diehl, M.Ed., is Montcalm Community College’s Computer Information Systems Lab Coordinator and also teaches within our business and computer departments, starting with MCC in 2006.  She serves as the Computer Science Department Chair and the Co-Chair of the Assessment committee. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Small Business Management from Ferris State University, a Master’s in Education from Aquinas College and has MBA coursework completed with Walsh Collage.  “I bring over 10 years of work experience in the automotive industry with me to my position at MCC,” Diehl said. “This experience, coupled with my educational background, allows me to present material in engaging and effective ways.” Diehl married her husband, Vern, in 2011. Their blended family of five children (one boy and four girls) range in age from 13-26.  They also had their first grandchild, a girl, born in 2020. In her free times she loves spending time with her family - traveling, playing games, attending sporting events. When asked what are her pet peeves she said, “When first annual is used instead of inaugural. When people don't follow proper performance etiquette at formal events (music and theatre performances, etc.).” Kristen’s motto is, “If you care about an outcome, get involved with the decision-making process. This applies to everything in your life: Your health, family, career, local groups, etc.  Get involved!” Travel is something Kristen loves to do. At 16 years old, she participated in an exchange program through Michigan’s 4-H program. Her family hosted a young lady from Jamaica, while Kristen got to go to Jamaica for a month. This was an eye-opening experience for her. “As a ‘born and raised’ resident of Montcalm County, this was the first time I was in a situation where the color of my skin made me the minority and it really opened my eyes to the world,” she said. “This experience helped shaped my thoughts, actions, and belief system.”  Diehl said that if she could choose any career it would be a great travel, food, and/or hotel critic. She did seriously consider majoring in sports management because she thought that managing the careers of professional athletes would be very exciting. One thing on her bucket list is to visit all the MLB parks for a baseball game.  

Here are some other fun facts about Kristen: 

  • Her favorite food is seafood. 
  • Had a cornea transplant when she was 19 years old. 
  • Was an exchange student to Jamaica when she was 16 years old. 
  • Used to raise and show rabbits with her daughters nationwide. 
  • She considers herself a tech nerd.