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students attending club day during welcome week

Student Activities


Student activities contribute to the emotional and physical well-being of students and to their intellectual, cultural, and social development outside the context of the institution’s regular instructional program. Student-sponsored activities include club sports, excursions, support groups, fund raisers, lectures, intramurals, self-help seminars, leadership development and musical and dramatic performance groups. Programs are funded by a portion of student activity fees.  

Student ID Cards


Student ID cards are available to MCC students currently enrolled in credit classes. ID cards allow students to check out recreation equipment, use the library, attend college-sponsored functions, and allow for free use of the gym, pool, and fitness center during scheduled times. Eligible students may pick up ID cards from Student Services after the end of the drop-add period each semester. 


events and trips

MCC offers student and community events year-round as well as occasional group trips.

Student ClubsMCC offers a number of student clubs and organizations designed to promote personal growth and supportive connections.

Achieve Your dreamsThe “Dreamin’s Free” essay contest at MCC helps students identify their dreams and plan the steps necessary to achieve them. 

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