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Tore Skogseth, M.A. is a Student Success Counselor at Montcalm Community College. 

Hailing from the foothills of the Norwegian mountains, this thunderous bearded Norwegian left the fjords of Norway for the cornfields of Michigan (following a brief interlude between soybean fields and refineries in Southern Illinois). When he packed his suitcase for his big move, it was filled with CDs, with just a few clothes used as padding. In a life filled with detours, he finally found his destination here at MCC, where he started as a Student Services Assistant in 2001 and returned as a counselor in 2010. In between these stints at MCC, he also spent time at Alma College and GRCC, but it is here that he now feels at home. 
In an educational career marked by false starts, he still holds his Associate in Arts, which he earned at Lincoln Trail College in Robinson, Ill., in 2001 as his greatest educational accomplishment. He earned both his Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education in 2004 and his Master of Arts in Counseling in 2007 from Spring Arbor University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Michigan. 
His love for music is one of his major driving forces – his music collection keeps growing, but if you ask him, there was never (and will never be) a band greater than The Beatles. He does feel a similar reverence to Motorpsycho, his hometown heroes from Trondheim, Norway, who combine the power of hard rock with the improvisational nature of jazz creating new uncharted territories. His top five list of bands and artists are rounded out by David Bowie, Rush, and Opeth, with King Crimson and Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree bubbling right underneath the surface (ask him tomorrow, and he may have a very different answer). 
When the urges overcome him, he can be found noodling on one of his guitars or his keyboard – or exploring one of his music authoring apps on his iPad. His favorite meditative state is going full-on zen with a LEGO set, completely tuning everything else out to focus on the bricks in front of him. He also makes a point to solve the New York Times daily crossword puzzle every day. 
Tore also loves reading and movies, and if he feels extra social, you might find him playing card and board games. He is also starting to own up to being an avid RPGer in the past. While he hasn’t picked that back up yet, you should never say never – if you feel adventurous, ask him if he still can hear the Call of Cthulhu.