Montcalm Community Collehe in Sidney, Michigan

Strategic Plan for 2021-2024

Executive Summary of Goals and Strategies

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Our Vision

  • Community inspiration.
  • Exceptional education.
  • Personal empowerment.

Our Mission

Transforming lives through quality education.

Our Values

Student Success


Our Goals and Strategies

Goal #1: Increase Enrollment

  • Develop and execute Strategic Enrollment and Marketing Plan
  • Increase number of full-time students 
  • Review programs and curriculum
  • Address student retention
  • Improve dual enrollment conversion

 Goal #2: Improve Student Success and Access

  • Develop “concierge” service for students
  • Improve diversity, equity, and inclusion through curriculum, HR (training), and community engagement
  • Adapt to student needs
  • Build hands on learning components to enhance curriculum
  • Increase student engagement

Goal #3: Enhance Facilities

  • Renovate Kenneth J. Smith Instructional Building
  • Explore student housing
  • Enhance sustainability of college operations

Goal #4: Community Engagement

  • Develop and improve relationships with community
  • Grow friend raising and fundraising
  • Locate grant opportunities for college projects
  • Educate community on the value of the college

Get Involved


10,000 hours of serviceYou can help us achieve 10,000 hours of service in 2021. Do you volunteer in your community? If not, do you want to? Community is our middle name at MCC, and for 2021, we’re encouraging our students and employees to track your volunteer time to help us achieve 10,000 hours of service.