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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Dual enrollment is a family affair for Tri County student


Tri County High School student Natalie Stevens is following in her family’s footsteps as a dual enrolled student at Montcalm Community College. 

“My siblings did it. When they went to college, they already had a year done,” Stevens said. “It’s nice to be challenged.” 

The Dual Enrollment program at Montcalm Community College allows students to enroll in up to 10 college classes throughout their high school career. Successful completion of a college course grants students college credit as well as satisfies one of their high school graduation requirements, either a core requirement or an elective requirement, depending on the college course taken. 

At age 16, Stevens has taken courses in history and communications, among others, during her first year as a dual-enrolled student. 

“College courses are definitely faster paced and people are there to actually learn,” she said. 

She said keeping up with the fast pace has been the most challenging part, so far. 

In her spare time, she enjoys painting, listening to music and volunteering for church, band and summer school. She also has a seasonal job at an ice cream shop. 

She plans to study to be a speech pathologist, and will transfer to another area college for more education. 

The dual enrollment program is beneficial, Stevens said. “It helps prepare you for college and how different the courses and the teaching will be.” 


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