Friday, March 3, 2023

Kennedy Dunham and Siera Merlington join bowling team at MCC


Kennedy Dunham and Siera Merlington have joined the bowling team at Montcalm Community College. 

Dunham and Merlington are both part of the bowling team at Greenville High School. Merlington started in her freshman year and Dunham started in her sophomore year. Merlington convinced Dunham to give bowling a try. The two girls are best friends. 

It was Dunham who convinced Merlington to join MCC’s bowling team. 

“I decided to join the MCC bowling team because I have always dreamed of playing a sport at the collegiate level,” Merlington said. “I have never wanted to go to college, but once I heard of the bowling team, my mind changed quick.” 

“I’ve always loved bowling and being asked to join the team felt like my life was finally falling into place,” Dunham said. 

Both girls are looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.  

“I am most looking forward to the bond that I am going to create with the people on the team,” Merlington said. “I am excited to take my skills with bowling to the next level and gaining more experience, as well as improving myself. 

The girls like to spend time with family and friends in their spare time. Aside from that, Dunham loves music and says it is her “safe place.” 

Merlington said she is kind of a quiet person.  

“I typically like to keep to myself until I get comfortable,” she said. 

Dunham shared some advice that helps her. 

“No matter how much you think your life might be falling apart, there is always light at the end of the tunnel,” she said. 

Bowling is one of several sports offered at MCC as part of its Centurion Athletics program. Visit for more information about MCC Centurion Athletics or contact Athletic Director Hunter Redman at or 989-328-1095. 

MCC is a member of the Michigan Community College Athletics Association (MCCAA) and the National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA). 

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