Tuesday, July 3, 2018

MCC awards 12 middle school scholarships

Montcalm Community College recently awarded its 2018 MCC Foundation Building Futures Middle School Scholarships to 12 area students.

Each of the $250 scholarships may be used toward MCC tuition or to attend one of the college’s summer camps for youths.

“The intended goal of this scholarship is to begin to foster a sense of educational accomplishment, pride and attainability within young students,” said MCC Recruitment Director Emily Carmey. “This award is not necessarily granted to students with the highest grades or the greatest academic involvement, but rather to students who have shown to take an active role in their education by putting forth a valiant effort in their work, who continuously strive for a better understanding of topics that may be difficult to them and who maintain a positive attitude and persevere through challenges and obstacles on their educational pursuit.”

Recipients include:

Central Montcalm Public Schools – 6th grader Erika Thomas of Stanton, 7th grader Emilee Rucker of Sheridan and 8th grader Isaac Hustin of Edmore.

Greenville Public Schools – 6th grader Grace Malloy of Greenville, 7th grader Marissa Radcliffe of Greenville and 8th Grader Tay Tobey of Greenville.

Vestaburg Community Schools – 6th grader Maggie Lobert of Edmore, 7th grader Serai Sanchez of Vestaburg and 8th grader Madison Griffin of Vestaburg.

Lakeview Community Schools – 8th grader Parker Wheaton of Lakeview

Montabella Community Schools – 7th grader Kaleb Lam of Edmore and 8th grader Sara Courser of Remus.