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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Saranac senior gets ahead with dual enrollment at MCC


At age 17, Kayla Sterzick is well on her way to having already gained the “college experience” as a dual-enrolled student, even before stepping on the campus of the University of Michigan (U of M) next year.

A senior at Saranac High School, Sterzick started taking classes at Montcalm Community College (MCC) during her junior year.

“What drew me toward taking classes at MCC in the first place was the opportunity to gain college credit and lower the cost of college overall,” she says, adding that the dual-enrollment courses boosted her GPA, increasing her opportunities for scholarships and aid. In fact, a year of her tuition is already paid for, and she will have a year less of schooling.

Sterzick, who will graduate this May, will have completed 10 general college courses at MCC by graduation, with more than 30 credits earned. Planning to major in a neuroscience program at U of M, followed by plans to attend medical school, she will be able to begin as a sophomore this coming fall.

Even with benefits incentives of being dual-enrolled, there have been challenges as well.

Last year, Sterzick tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and had two surgeries as a result, an experience she describes as her biggest challenge. She says the medication and effects from having surgery affected her ability to complete her schoolwork, but Sterzick says her instructors worked with her in getting her assignments turned in.

In addition to the patience and support of her instructors, Sterzick appreciates the structure of MCC courses.

“We get a weekly list of the assignments that need to be completed, and we can do them at our own pace, which is great for people who need flexible schedules,” she says.

Sterzick welcomes the flexibility with her busy schedule, which includes playing basketball and softball, hanging out with friends, and staying on top of her education.

Dual enrollment allows students like Sterzick to take up to 10 college classes throughout their high school career. Successful completion of a college course grants them college credit as well as satisfies one of their high school graduation requirements, either a core requirement or an elective requirement, depending on the college course taken.

As valedictorian of her senior class, Sterzick is a strong advocate of the dual-enrollment program.

“If you are considering taking dual enrollment courses, do it,” she encourages. “They can be time consuming and difficult sometimes, but the benefits are so good.”


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