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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

The Success Express program is in full swing at MCC


The Success Express program at Montcalm Community College is in full swing!

The program focuses on what students need to be successful in college. It is funded by the State of Michigan and is administered by the Michigan Community College Association. The five-week class that runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

Caitlyn Eastling, 18, of Coral, graduated from Tri-County High School and is attending the Success Express program this summer.

“I signed up because it seemed fun and had a lot of good benefits,” she said. “I’m glad that I found something that could help me get started.”

As a student in the program, she gets:

  • $50 per week in gas cards to use toward transportation costs. 
  • $500 cash that was paid out over five weeks. 
  • A laptop computer valued at approximately $700. 
  • Three college credits for MCC’s GNST100 class to apply toward a certificate or degree at MCC, upon successful completion of the course. 
  • Classroom supplies. 
  • Free breakfast and lunch each day. 

Eastling’s favorite thing about the program is the activities they do on a daily basis. 

“We still learn lots of things with the activities we do,” she said. “My favorite was watercolors and poetry.” 

She said it is more laid back than any school she has ever been to and it’s easier to connect with people because it’s a small group. She will attend MCC in the fall and will study to become an elementary school teacher, specifically second grade.  

“MCC was my first and only option,” Eastling said. “No other school has really sparked my interest. I like the smaller size.” 

She would definitely recommend Success Express to other students. 

“It’s a big learning experience,” she said. “It’s better than sitting at home. It’s giving us a teaser of what college is like. It’s definitely worth your time.” 

Priya Brooks, 17, of Stanton, graduated from Central Montcalm High School and is also attending the Success Express program. 

“I chose to attend mainly because of the benefits,” she said. “The computer, the free credits.” 

Brooks found one thing surprising about the program. 

“It’s more like high school than I expected,” she said. “It’s a little more advanced, but it’s definitely not as intimidating.” 

Her favorite part is also the hands-on activities, especially the science and labs. 

She already has her schedule for fall and is studying early childhood education to become a preschool teacher. She said she might go on to get her bachelor’s degree after that. 

“It’s worth your time,” Brooks said. “It’s way less intimidating than it seems. It’s a really great transition class. It’s not like you’re thrown into it. It’s really easy to keep up with.” 

Hayden Oroz, 18, of Howard City, graduated from Tri-County High School and is already enrolled here at MCC. 

“I signed up for Success Express because it was a program that would give me a head start at MCC,” he said. 

The hands-on activities and getting to explore the campus are his favorite parts of the program. He is going to study welding at MCC. 

“I want to work on big things that will help me earn a lot of money,” Oroz said. 

He was surprised how many people knew each other from their previous schools. 

If asked, he would wholeheartedly recommend the Success Express program. 

“It gives you a head start on getting to know everything about MCC and its campus,” he said. “It gives you free credits and supplies to get started. It’s a pretty good program.” 


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