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Child Development Associate Job Training Program

Where To Go From Here

The Child Development Associate (CDA) credential is conferred by the Council for Early Childhood Recognition (CECR). To be awarded this credential, students must complete requirements including work experience, supervised training and related instruction. MCC does does not offer this credential; however, students who complete the ECDV courses listed in the program requirements will meet the related instruction required by CERC. To learn all that is necessary to apply for the CDA credential, students should enroll in ECDV 200 Introduction to CDA. Students interested in receiving an associate degree should consult an MCC counselor or academic advisor.

Why This Degree

The Job Training Certificate in Child Development Associate allows students to become trained in appropriate nurturing, teaching and caring techniques for young children. This program could be the stepping stone to advancing your career and by meeting job requirements to land a supervisor position in a child care facility earning $45,790 per year.