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Dual Enrollment Guide


Talk to your High School Counselor

The dual enrollment program is a partnership with the high school, and we work very closely with the high school counselors to plan your participation with the program. If you are interested in the program, talk to your counselor to see if you would be eligible to participate.


Apply for Admission

To apply, complete the online Dual Enrollment Application. Once you have applied, you will receive an acceptance email with your Student ID number and MCC email address within 24 business hours. Your acceptance packet will arrive in approximately three to five days.


Access your MCC account

Visit montcalm.edu/login to complete yout First Time Login and to use the self-service password reset to login for the first time.


Your MCC email address is your username. The personal email address and phone number you included in your application will be used for verification.


Once you login you will be prompted to set up Multi-Factor Authentication.


Watch our step-by-step videos to learn more about accessing and navigating your MCC student account. Videos include:


For assistance, call the IT Help Desk at 989-328-1246.


Placement Assessment

For most classes at MCC, most dual enrollment students are not required to submit test scores as their high school will check their eligibility based on the State of Michigan Dual Enrollment requirements.


Level 5 Math courses or higher as well as any computer related (CMIS, CPGM, or CNET) courses will require adequate test scores based on MCC’s requirements. Follow the steps below to submit your PSAT or SAT or schedule our ACCUPLACER assessment only if you are interested in the above listed courses.




Visit the College Board website at collegeboard.org to download your free official PSAT or SAT Full Score Report and send the PDF as an attachment to dualenrollment@montcalm.edu.




You may also complete our ACCUPLACER assessment. To schedule your ACCUPLACER assessment, please fill out a Schedule Testing Appointment Request. Once the form is submitted, a proctor will email you with more details about the assessment. If you have questions, please contact the Student Success Center at 989-328-1264 or studentsuccess@montcalm.edu.


Fill out a Dual Enrollment Authorization Form

The Dual Enrollment Authorization form serves as a contract between the student and parents/guardians, the high school and MCC. Please complete the Online Dual Enrollment Authorization form with the specific class sections you wish to be registered for. After you sign this online form, it will automatically be emailed to your high school counselor for approval. Once approved, MCC will register you for your classes. If you would like to make changes to your class registration, please complete an entirely new form. You will receive an email confirmation once MCC has registered you.


Class Information:


Dual enrollment students can search for classes themselves online in MyMontcalm. If you are logged in to MyMontcalm, select Search Classes and Register, and then Course Search. If you are not logged in to MyMontcalm, select Course Search. Here you can find all available courses for the semester.


If you scroll down to Campus and choose your high school, you can search for MCC classes hosted at your high school.


Check your course schedule

Login to MyMontcalm. On the Student Home page scroll down to My Course Schedule. Make sure your course schedule matches the classes you selected for the semester.


Purchase Books

Most MCC classes will require a textbook. The MCC Bookstore, in the Activities Building on our Sidney campus and operated by Follett, has all the essentials you need to attend classes. If you have funds from your high school allotment available on your MCC account, the funds are only available from the time that Bookstore Charges Begin until Bookstore Charges End. Visit montcalm.edu/academic-calendar for specific dates.


Online Orders


Visit the MCC Bookstore online and select Course Materials & Textbooks - Find Course Materials. Be sure to enter your course information exactly as it is in your course schedule. When checking out, select Financial Aid to use your high school allotted funds. Be sure to always add a credit card in addition to selecting Financial Aid in case your high school allotment does not cover the total cost of your order. If you select In-Store Pick Up, you will have to come to the MCC Bookstore to retrieve your order.


At the MCC Bookstore


You can visit the MCC Bookstore without an appointment Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. To make purchasing books and supplies easier when you visit the MCC bookstore, be sure to bring along the following items:


  • Current course schedule
  • MCC student ID (Visit Student Services to have one made)
  • Some form of payment

While some high schools provide Dual Enrollment students with funds for books, it is not always sufficient to cover the full cost. Always come prepared with some form of payment.


Pay attention to your student account

Your high school’s tuition allotment will be added to your account after classes start. After the high school’s tuition allotment has been applied to your account, any remaining balance for tuition is your/your parent(s) responsibility to pay. A statement outlining the balance due will be sent home around week six of the semester. The balance must be paid by the designated due date (approximately seven weeks later) or your final semester grades will be withheld from your high school. You can view your student account in MyMontcalm under the Finances tab.

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