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Dual Enrollment Guide


Talk to your High School Counselor

The dual enrollment program is a partnership with the high school and we work very closely with the high school counselors to plan a student’s participation with the program. If you are interested in the program, talk to your counselor to see if you would be eligible to participate.


Apply for Admission

Fill out the online dual enrollment application. Once applied you will receive an acceptance letter in approximately three to five days. 


Access your MCC Account

Visit and follow the “First Time Password Retrieval” process. Once your password is set you will have access to your MCC account, which provides many important tools vital to your success. Check your MCC email (Office 365) often, or you will miss important information.   

For assistance call the IT Help Desk at 989-328-1246 


Complete the Online Dual Enrollment Orientation

Visit to log into your MCC account. Open the Canvas app and complete course DE 101–Dual Enrollment Orientation. This entire orientation must be completed before registration can be enabled on your account. 


SAT Score Report or ACCUPLACER Testing

Due to the school closure MCC has temporarily waived the Accuplacer requirement for dual enrollment students. Please still visit the College Board website to download and send your most recent test scores (PSAT/SAT) to This is for data tracking purposes.


Most classes at MCC require some form of assessment testing to show the student is performing at the college level for that subject before registering for the class. MCC administers the ACCUPLACER test to gauge students’ abilities in reading, writing, and math. If you need to take this test, contact the Student Success Center on MCC's Sidney campus, or the testing center on MCC's Greenville campus, to schedule an appointment.


Certain scores on the SAT can provide the same assessment, meaning you could skip all or some sections of the ACCUPLACER if you achieve these scores on the SAT. If you have taken the SAT and wish to utilize your scores, please send your official SAT score report document to after you apply. The chart below shows the target scores considered to be college level.



SAT (sub scores)
Writing & language: 25
Reading: 25
Math: 26

Sentence skills: 81
Reading comprehension: 74
Elementary algebra: 69


Writing: 256 
Reading: 249 
Quantitative Reasoning: 260 


Fill out a Dual Enrollment Authorization Form

The Dual Enrollment Authorization form serves as a contract between the student and parents, the high school and MCC. Please complete the Online Dual Enrollment Authorization form with the specific class sections you wish to be registered for. After you sign this online form it will automatically be emailed to your high school counselor for approval. MCC will register you based only off of approved forms. A class must be on the signed authorization form if you wish to register for it. If you would like to make changes to your class registration, please complete an entirely new form.


Register for Classes

Dual enrollment students have the ability to search and register for classes themselves online at Please keep in mind that you must have your counselor's approval (via the authorization form) to register for a class. If you register for a class that you have not been approved for, and/or is not reflected on your authorization form, you will be dropped from the class by MCC. If for some reason you are unable to register online for a class you have been approved for, contact MCC. We have the ability to register you for those classes.


If you do not wish to self-register online you can provide a completely signed authorization form to the MCC Admission office and we will register you for the outlined classes. You can also meet with an MCC Academic Advisor/Counselor for assistance. 


Attend a Dual Enrollment Bookstore Event

Most MCC classes will require a textbook. The MCC Bookstore has all the essentials you need to attend classes. Dates for Dual Enrollment bookstore events will be communicated to students and parents. If a school allows students to utilize their remaining tuition allotment for textbooks, then an individual will be available at these events to assist students in knowing how much money they have available for books and with the charging process. Your remaining funds will only be available on your student ID card. You can obtain an ID card on this day at the recreation desk in the Activities on MCC's Sidney campus.


The student must be present if they wish to utilize funds from their student account.


If you are paying out of pocket for your books, you do not need to attend one of these events, though you are still welcome. When paying out of pocket, you may purchase your books whenever you would like. If you wish to rent textbooks you must have a student ID and a credit card present at the time of purchase. Please ask your counselor if it is okay to use high school funds to rent textbooks. Rented textbooks must be returned to the MCC Bookstore by the rental return date. If your high school pays for your textbooks, they become the property of your high school when you finish the class. You must give your purchased textbooks to the high school at the end of the semester if they paid for them.


Pay Attention to your Student Account

Your high school’s tuition allotment will be added to your account after classes start. After the high school’s tuition allotment has been applied to your account any remaining balance for tuition is the responsibility of the student/parent to pay. A statement outlining the balance due will be sent home week around week six of the semester. The balance must be paid by the designated due date (approximately seven weeks later) or your final semester grades will be withheld from your high school. You can view your student account at under the finances tab.

Dean of Student & Enrollment Services Debra Alexander