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Satisfactory Progress


Students receiving financial aid at Montcalm Community College (MCC) must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in accordance with the guidelines listed below. The federal and state governments mandate the establishment and enforcement of a SAP policy for all institutions disbursing financial aid funds to students. A student is in good standing for financial aid if he/she meets the following standards and is accepted for continued enrollment under the academic policy. All withdrawals, incompletes, repetitions, academic amnesty, and E or U grades are evaluated into the percentage completion section of the SAP policy.


This policy will be applied after a student has been enrolled at Montcalm Community College. Each spring, a review of all financial aid recipients will be conducted. Transfer credits from other institutions will be included toward the successful completion of all attempted credits and maximum time-frame allowed.


When measuring SAP, all credit hours for which the student has incurred a financial obligation are considered, including the hours for which the student has personally paid for educational costs. Accountability starts with the student’s entry date at MCC. Your academic G.P.A. (grade point average) may differ from your financial aid G.P.A.

In order to continue to receive financial aid funding, a student must:


  • Maintain a minimum required grade point average (see chart below).
  • Successfully complete a percentage of all credit hours attempted (see chart below).

credit hours attempted




Above 12


cumulative semester hours




Above 12


must successfully complete 


50 percent


70 percent


grade point average





  • Be progressing at a rate that would allow completion of the certificate or associate degree which the student is pursuing within a time frame which, by federal regulation, is 150 percent of the published credit hour requirements of the program. For example, if an associate degree program requires 60 credits, the degree must be completed in a maximum of 150% of 60 credits, including both attempted and completed credits. (Consult the MCC catalog to find the number of credits required in each certificate or associate degree program, and then multiply that number by 1.5 to determine the maximum number of credits.)
  • A student may earn no more than two certificates or degrees regardless of total accumulated credit hours. If a student has already earned two degrees or certificates and wishes to pursue another program of study, they may complete a Satisfactory Academic Appeal. The student will need to explain any extenuating circumstances warranting another degree or certificate.
  • A student who has earned a bachelor’s degree must complete a Satisfactory Academic Appeal indicating their educational intent at Montcalm Community College.

Appeal process

Students denied financial aid because of failure to make SAP may appeal the denial in writing to the Financial Aid Office, if there are mitigating circumstances. The appeal must describe in detail all circumstances, which the student believes relevant to his or her inability to meet the SAP requirements. It must also include steps the student will take to correct the policy violation. Students must submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form plus any other supporting documents to the Financial Aid office.


A SAP Review Committee will assess the appeal and supporting documentation to determine if the appeal will be approved. The student will be advised in writing of the committee’s decision via email. A student who appeals and is reinstated on a probationary status must be able to meet the SAP guidelines within one semester of enrollment. If one semester’s enrollment will not be long enough for the student to meet the SAP policy, they will be placed on an academic plan. An academic plan is an individualized plan designed to allow the student to meet the SAP policy in a reasonable timeframe. At the end of the probationary or academic plan semester, grades and other requirements will be reviewed to determine if the student has met the SAP guidelines. If a student becomes ineligible for financial aid due to a lack of meeting SAP guidelines and no appeal is submitted or the appeal is denied, he or she may regain eligibility by meeting the SAP policy without the benefit of financial aid at MCC. To do this, the student must enroll and complete the courses that are applicable to his or her program of study using their own finances. The student must achieve the necessary completion rate along with the necessary grade point average to meet the SAP policy.

Frequency of review

This policy will be applied after a student has been enrolled at Montcalm Community College. After completion of the spring semester each academic year, the Financial Aid Office will run a list of all students enrolled and receiving aid during the current academic year. The list will show the number of hours attempted/completed and percentage of completion, the grade point average, and the course progression rate. Students enrolled in certificate programs will be reviewed at the end of each semester. Those not making SAP at that time will be sent a letter through their student email that they are no longer eligible for financial aid. Transfer credits from other institutions will be included toward the successful completion of all attempted credits and maximum time-frame allowed.

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