Adopt-A-Trail Program


The adopt-a-trail program runs annually from May through October.  With 13 trail options covering grassy areas, forest habitats, and wetland edges, we have something for everyone! Trails may be adopted by individuals or groups.  By adopting a trail, you are committing to visiting the trail at least every other month to perform various low-key maintenance activities such as garbage pick-up, trimming or weed-whipping as needed, or marking trail edges with fallen branches.  Any larger maintenance concerns such as missing or broken signage, or a downed tree for example, should be reported to the Nature Trails Committee.  

Trails Available for Adoption


  • Meadow Loop (0.33 mile)
  • Witch Hazel (0.38 miles)
  • Swamp Walkway  (0.09 miles)
  • White Tail & Broken Pine Loop (0.25 miles) 
  • Brown Road (0.40 miles) 
  • Forest Ridge, Hemlock Loop, & Spruce Grove Loop (0.27 miles) - Volunteer Rod Middleton
  • Ginger's Way (0.20 miles) 
  • Tree Swallow Loop (0.40 miles) 
  • Wetland Way (0.12 miles)
  • Forest Heritage (0.25 miles) 
  • White Pine & Sugar Maple Loop (0.56 miles)
  • Lichen Lane (0.17 miles)
  • Wood Duck (0.18 miles)
Heather Wesp