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MCC’s CIS Lab offers computers for student and community use, featuring state-of-the-art technology and printing services on a pay-per-page basis. Lab staff can also assist students with computer assignments.  In addition, students may visit the CIS Lab for test proctoring for Pearson Vue, CLEP, EMPCO, HESI, NOCTI, and instructor make-up tests. For more information email the CIS Lab at or call 989-328-1295.


CIS Lab Orientation


All CMIS Lab Course Orientations for the Summer 2023 semester may be viewed through the Canvas course website starting Tuesday, June 6.  You must complete each CIS Lab course orientation and pass the syllabus quiz with 80% or better to move on to your coursework.


If you have any questions, please email the or call 989-328-1295.

CIS Lab Policy

  • Children younger than age 14 are not allowed in the CIS lab.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the CIS lab.
  • Please turn off or set to vibrate all cell phones. All calls must be taken out of the lab to a private setting.
  • Headphones are not provided for student use. They may be purchased at the MCC Bookstore.
  • If you wish to print items, please contact lab personnel. The college charges a per-page fee for printing, and printers are monitored on a continuous basis.
  • A copy machine is available for student use in the MCC Library and in the corridor of the Beatrice E. Doser Building between rooms D303 and D305. Copies may be obtained on these machines for a fee.
  • For tutoring services, please contact MCC’s Student Success Center in room D318 in the Beatrice E. Doser Building, or by e-mail at This is a free service to current MCC students.

CIS Testing CenterThe CIS Lab/Testing Center provides several testing options for students to evaluate academic and work skill levels. Please schedule an appointment for all exams.

Accessible Use PolicyMontcalm Community College encourages the sharing of information, comprehensive access to local, national, and international facilities to create and distribute information, and free expression of ideas. General access facilities and infrastructure are provided to further these purposes. The facilities and infrastructure are owned and operated by Montcalm Community College, and access is provided to users who meet the qualifications and agree to the restrictions of this policy.

Credit by ExaminationAfter enrolling in the course and successfully completing the exam, students are awarded an “S” grade and full credit for the course at the end of the semester. If you are transferring and need the credit on your transcript sooner, go to MCC’s Student Services Department in the upper level of the Donald C. Burns Administration/Library Building on the college’s Sidney campus. Please note: Financial aid does not pay for credits earned by exam.

Prerequisite WaiverStudents who wish to enroll in a higher-level course that requires a prerequisite can opt to test out of the prerequisite course. The test will not waive the requirement for other courses or for degree/certificate requirements. A Course Prerequisite Waiver form will be completed by CIS Lab personnel when all requirements have been met; this form must be presented at the time of registration in order to enroll in the higher-level course. Prerequisite Waiver forms are valid for one year.

Waiver by ExaminationUpon successful completion of the exam, the requirement for taking that course will be waived. If the course is required in a certificate or degree program, the student will be required to take the equivalent number of credits in other coursework. Waiver by Examination forms are valid for one year.

Classes Commonly WaivedView a list of the most commonly waived classes (CMIS 100-110, CMIS 153-176, CMIS 206-280, CMIS 284-288) and testing requirements for each course.

989-328-1299 or 989-328-1295