Virtual Learning Resources


Montcalm Community College’s NetLibrary meets that challenge as the most versatile eContent provider for libraries and publishers today. It supports the most content from leading publishers, the most types of media — including eBooks and eAudiobooks — the widest audience of users and the most types of libraries. NetLibrary takes you far beyond the world of eBooks to provide a flexible and stable eContent platform that is positioned for continual rapid content growth.

Hundreds of online courses from today’s top scholars and universities.

Take online courses for free. From arts and humanities to language learning, Coursera offers a wide variety of subject matter for students to learn.

Khan Academy is an electronic library of educational materials including interactive challenges, assessments and videos.

Knowledge packed videos under 18 minutes long covering a variety of different topics.

From art and history to technology, this is the place to go.

Advance your career through project-based online classes. Some courseware is free, but other content has to be bought.