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Establishing & Receiving

Establishing Eligibility

Accessibility services are available to all students with a disability who have been accepted at Montcalm Community College and have completed the ACCUPLACER placement test. Students needing services should apply and register for classes early.


To establish eligibility, the student must contact Accessibility Services to:


  1. Complete and submit the Accessibility Services Intake form.
  2. Submit appropriate documentation from a qualified professional describing the disability and how it impacts the student's education, as well as outlining suggested accommodations. If no documentation exists, the Medical Information form may assist the professional providing documentation.
  3. Make an appointment to meet with the Student Success Counselor.
  4. Meet with the Student Success Counselor to determine appropriate accommodations.
  5. Memos outlining the accommodations appropriate for the student, specific to the courses the student is enrolled in, will be available in the Student Success Center at the start of every semester.  Students will sign an Acknowledgment of Accommodations at the time of pick-up.
  6. Accommodations can be adjusted upon student request.

Receiving Accommodations

Accommodations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and re-evaluated every semester. To receive accommodations in a timely manner, students must meet with the Student Success Counselor and register for classes early.


To receive accommodations for the semester, the student must:


  1. Register for classes early
  2. Meet with the Student Success Counselor to determine services and accommodations. The proposed/suggested accommodations are assessed based on the documentation the student provides, including, but not limited to, any of the following:
    • Alternative texts
    • Extended time on tests (up to 1.5 times the initial time allotted)
    • Tutoring
    • Note-takers
    • Readers
    • Scribes
  3. Take a memo outlining qualifying accommodations provided by the Student Success Counselor to the faculty member(s) teaching the class(es). This memo will only include information about reasonable accommodations – it will not include information on the student’s disability or any other clinical information about the student, as it is the student’s right to keep this information confidential.
  4. Meet with each individual faculty member to establish the accommodations for the class.


Tore Skogseth, Counselor
989-328-1264, Ext. 216