ACCUPLACER is a computerized placement test required for admission into Montcalm Community College. It is not a pass or fail test, but it will determine which classes you are eligible to take and best fit your academic needs.

Criteria for Needing to take the ACCUPLACER

  • Your ACT scores from within five years are less than 18 for reading or English. ACCUPLACER math testing is required regardless of your ACT math score.
  • Your SAT scores from within five years are less than 25 for writing and language, 26 for math or 25 for reading.
  • You do not currently have an associate or bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

Subjects Covered by the ACCUPLACER

Reading Comprehension The reading comprehension test contains 20 questions and measures your ability to understand what you have read. Questions are answered after reading passages of various lengths.

Sentence SkillsThe sentence skills test contains 20 questions and measures your understanding of sentence structure and what makes a sentence complete and clear. There are two question types on this portion of the test. The first type consists of sentence correction and the second type consists of sentence construction shift questions, asking you to rewrite a sentence according to certain criteria.

MathThe math test covers elementary algebra and arithmetic. Students will take at least one, and possibly two, of the 12 to 20 question math tests. The tests cover a variety of math skills including integers and rationals, algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, word problems, whole numbers and fractions, decimals, percents and applications.

Preparation and Testing Information

Preparing for the TestFind more information about ACCUPLACER and links to the ACCUPLACER Web-based Study App, online study guides, practice tests and sample questions. It is important to feel ready on the day you test. If you are not ready, take more time to practice and study and take the test another day.

What to Bring the Day of the TestStudents taking the test are required to bring the following items with them the day of the test:

  • Photo ID – Students who do not have a photo ID will not be allowed to test.
  • Your MCC student ID number – If you do not yet have an MCC student ID number, you will need to apply to the college before testing.
  • Do not bring a calculator or other resources. If a calculator is allowed, one will be provided. Otherwise, students will be provided with scratch paper and a pencil. 

RetestingRetesting is allowed for students whose scores would place them in a zero-series course. A third test is only allowed after some form of remediation is completed. If a student is unable to obtain the required score after a third attempt, they must take the remedial course necessary to build skills.

Length of the TestTesting takes from one to one and a half hours to complete for most students; however, it is not a timed test.

Test ScoresYour test will be scored immediately and you will receive a printout of your score as soon as you finish. You will also get course assignments based on your test results.

ConfidentialityYour test scores and the information you provide when taking the tests will only be given to The College Board and to Montcalm Community College. The information may be used for counseling, advisement and placement purposes only.

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