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Writing Center FAQs

Learn more about MCC’s Writing Center services.

Where is the Writing Center?

We're located in the north end of the MCC Library. (There's even a sign hanging from the ceiling so you can't miss us—but if you do, one of the Library Ladies at the reference desk will show you the way.) We also have hours on the Greenville campus on Fridays (Ash TLC, room G113).

What happens in the Writing Center?

College means lots of writing assignments—from memoirs to research essays to lab reports to speech outlines and more—and we're here to help with all of it, at any stage of the writing process. Whether you're having a hard time coming up with topic ideas, you've got a rough draft but aren't sure about the flow or organization, or you want help with correctly citing your sources, we’re here to talk it out with you and help you get going in the right direction.


Will this be awkward?

We know it can be hard to share your writing, but it's really not as scary as it sounds. All of our consultants are friendly and committed to helping you improve your writing skills. Some of our consultants are MCC students, just like you.


But I’m a good writer. Do I need this?

Writing well is hard, and even the best writers struggle. We believe even the most talented and skilled writers can benefit from talking about their writing and getting feedback from an interested reader. (Even our students who work in the Writing Center sometimes bring their work to the Writing Center for feedback!)


I already spend so much time in class and so much time on homework. Why would I want to spend MORE of my personal time on campus/on schoolwork?

We get it. You're busy, life is demanding, and there are never enough hours in the day. But if you have thirty minutes (or an hour) between classes or before you head home, we would encourage you to check us out. You're going to be working on that paper anyway, so why not work on it with a trained writing consultant?


Will you edit and proofread my paper for me?

Since we are here to help create better writers (not simply to make sure student essays are free of grammatical errors), the Writing Center emphasizes the entire writing process, not just “cleaning up” final drafts. Since copy-editing student essays would run counter to our goals of helping students become stronger, more flexible, and more independent writers, Writing Center consultants will not edit students’ papers for them; instead, consultants will work side by side with writers, looking for patterns of error, and assisting students in addressing these errors. Although we will not send you away with editing marks or corrections on your writing, we will try to help you become a more independent, confident writer who can identify and correct your own errors.


Okay. How do I schedule an appointment?

Call or stop by the library to make an appointment. If you’re familiar with Starfish, you can even use that to schedule your own appointments. We also will work with walk-ins if we're available.

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