MCC's Sidney campus, Beatrice E. Doser Building

Academic Tutoring Positions


Academic Tutors – will assist students on an individual basis with questions for up to 25 hours per week. Hours are flexible and depend on the students’ schedules, with tutoring sessions taking place on either the college’s Sidney or Greenville campus.


Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SILs) - will assist students by conducting half-hour sessions at the beginning of every class period they are assigned to during the semester. The SIL also attends the class and participates as a role model student and further assists the instructor as needed during the class.

Tutoring Positions Available


·      Psychology Academic Tutor

·      Interpersonal Communications Academic Tutor

·      Economics Academic Tutor

·      Spanish Academic Tutor 


Qualifications & Compensation


Student Academic Tutors/SILs

·      Have an A or B in the subject and a minimum of a 3.00 G.P.A.

·      A recommendation slip will be given to your instructor for approval  

·      $10.83 an hour


Professional Academic Tutors/SILs

·      Bachelor’s degree

·      Ability to tutor college-level coursework

·      $17.89 an hour
Professional Nursing Tutors

·      Bachelor’s degree

·      Ability to tutor college-level coursework

·      $27.14 an hour


Madison Morgan-Crater, Human Resources Assistant
Student Success Center