Montcalm Community College will consider requests for sponsorships or contributions for not-for-profit organizations. We will consider sponsorship applications from local or regional organizations whose proposals impact Montcalm Community College’s service area. Priority will be given to local activities.


The MCC Sponsorship Program is managed by MCC’s Communications Team. Contact MCC Communications Director Shelly Springborn at shellys@montcalm.edu or 989-328-1243 for additional information.


how to applyAll requests must be submitted through the Sponsorship Request form.

Please submit your request four weeks in advance of your need for a decision from MCC. You will be notified when your request has been received, and again when a decision has been made regarding your request. Verbal commitments from faculty and staff do not constitute a commitment from MCC.


  • Advances education opportunities in our community
  • Supports the mission of MCC
  • Enhances the wellbeing of community residents
  • Creates employment opportunities for community residents
  • Offers advancement opportunities for MCC students, faculty, and staff
  • Supports MCC’s enrollment efforts

Unapproved SponsorshipsWe do not usually approve sponsorships for:

  • Individuals, including employees participating in events or campaigns, such as walks, marathons, etc.
  • For-profit organizations
  • Political causes or candidates
  • Religious or fraternal organizations
  • Community sports teams


Sponsorship Requirements

educational (Montcalm county school district)

  • MCC will offer each school district located in Montcalm County an annual sponsorship of $2,000
  • MCC prefers to sponsor education-enhancing initiatives, especially those with a linkage to future higher education/college
  • MCC is to be listed as a sponsor on promotional materials – print, digital, social media etc. related to these initiatives
  • Each school district will provide MCC documentation of how this money is spent, and a description of how their students benefited

school-based clubs and organizations

  • MCC will consider sponsorships for school-based clubs and organizations within Montcalm County
  • MCC does not sponsor sports teams
  • Clubs and organizations must offer opportunities for area students
  • MCC would prefer to sponsor education-based initiatives
  • Clubs and organization efforts must be consistent with MCC’s mission and goals
  • Clubs and organizations must demonstrate how MCC’s sponsorship will benefit students, and/or our community
  • Sponsorships must offer MCC opportunities to promote enrollment
  • MCC may choose to sponsor through the donation of MCC branded items in lieu of a monetary donation.

community organizations

  • Must be located in Montcalm Community College’s service area
  • Offer opportunities or benefits to residents of Montcalm Community College’s service area
  • Demonstrate how MCC’s sponsorship will benefit our residents and community
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