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Criminal Justice Associate Degree

Where To Go From Here

This associate of applied science degree program prepares graduates for careers in the criminal justice field. It is designed to provide an understanding of criminal justice, while allowing students to obtain special work-related skills necessary for work in a variety of criminal justice positions with police, courts and corrections. Specific paths within this degree program will allow students to transfer to a police academy, or into a bachelor’s degree program at Ferris State University or Grand Valley State University. Students interested in transferring to a four-year institution are encouraged to consult an MCC counselor or academic advisor.

Why This Degree

Students who earn an associate of applied science degree will be prepared for entry-level jobs in law enforcement. This degree provides the foundation for continued study at the bachelor’s degree level. The wide variety of careers earned from this degree may include police detectives, parole officers and corrections officers earning $44,500 to $80,660 per year.