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Writing Center


MCC's Writing Center provides assistance to MCC students with writing projects in courses across the curriculum. Our goal is to help students become stronger, more flexible and more independent writers. With that goal in mind, the Writing Center emphasizes the entire writing process, not just “cleaning up” final drafts. Our writing center consultants can help you understand your assignment; generate, develop, and organize your ideas; engage with and document source material; revise and polish your drafts, and more. 




Writing Center consultants will not edit students’ papers for them; instead, consultants will work side by side with writers, looking for patterns of error and assisting students in addressing these errors. Although we will not make editing marks or corrections on your writing, we will work to help you become a more capable and confident proofreader/editor of your own written work.

Scheduling a Writing Center Appointment


Writing Center appointments are available in either 30-minute or one-hour lengths of time, and can be scheduled in one of the following ways:



Preparing for a Writing Center Appointment


We want your needs to determine the direction of your session, so be sure to take an active role in your session and let the writing consultant know your concerns and what you would like to focus on. 


In-Person Appointments


  1. Bring your assignment sheet.
  2. Bring your ideas, notes, drafts, and other relevant materials.
  3. Be prepared to take an active role during your session.
  4. Let the Writing Center consultant know your concerns and what you would like to focus on.


Online Appointments


  1. Upload your assignment to the Writing Center Canvas course at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your session. (If you haven’t already, please self-enroll in the Canvas course at montcalm.instructure.com/enroll/NHE4J4)
  2. Know your assignment details. (Upload the assignment sheet and/or rubric with your assignment if possible.)
  3. Have access to your ideas, notes, drafts (if you’ve made it that far), and other relevant materials (books, research articles, etc.).
  4. If possible, find a quiet location for your appointment.
  5. Disconnect all Bluetooth devices from your computer.

PoliciesReview the Writing Center policies for scheduling appointments, student conduct, proof of visits and handling of plagiarized assignments.

2020 creative writing contestMCC's Creative Writing Contest is an opportunity for students to win prizes for writing poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. The entry deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020.

Faculty Resources
We appreciate instructors' efforts to encourage their students to visit the Writing Center, and we have several resources available to support your efforts.

Writing Center (Mon.-Fri., Sidney Campus - Library)
Writing Center (Thur.-Sat., Greenville Campus - Ash Bldg.)